Results of Goodfellow Paper Drive

On behalf of the Goodfellows Organization I would like to thank all the WECSSO members, family and friends who volunteered with the 2016 Goodfellow Paper Drive.

Our Team #7 collected a total of over $25,000 towards the Goodfellows Record of $296,699.00 which is our best effort yet.
Thank you, Ken Dafoe


Election Results

Results of elections held at the annual meeting

Slo-pitch Executive (5 postitions available – end of term for 5 members)

The 2016 WECSSO slo-pitch executive is as follows: Reserved positions: WECSSO President: Brian Adlam. WECSSO Past-president: Bob Parent. Hold-overs: Rick Anderson, Ron Ottogalli, John Goz, Don Balkwill, Neil McKnight.  Re-elected: Bill Scheuerman, Bill Magone, Hector Marinacci and Jack Westlake. Newly elected, Chris Brennan. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated in the election.

WECSSO Executive 

President Brian Adlam
Past-President Bob Parent
Treasurer Jim Bridge
Vice President Hector Marinacci
Secretary Don Diubaldo
Director  Phil Ochs
Director Ken Dafoe
Director Jack Bump
Director Tom Bois
Director Bill Magone
Director Mike Patterson
Ex Officio Members Gord Gunnell
Ex Officio Members Geoff McKay
Ex Officio Members Tom Simpson
Ex Officio Members Paul Thomas


WECSSO 19th Annual Remembrance Day

The WECSSO Annual Remembrance Day is scheduled for Saturday August 15th at 10 AM near the fountain at the foot of Ouellette Ave. Please attend if you can and use this opportunity to celebrate the life of a teammate who has passed away. We have the family of the deceased unveil a stone that is inscribed with the name and number of the deceased. We will be celebrating 8 members this year.

Bill Vankoughnett: 08-14
Dave Bohonko: 09-14
John Parr: 09-14
Ron Vileneuve: 10-14
Cliff Rawson: 11-14
Louis Deschamps: 12-14
Steve Brnardic: 02-15
Clare Menighini: 05-15

Please Note: The date on the slo-pitch schedule is incorrect.

WECSSO 19th Memorial Remembrance (PDF)


No Child Hungry Initiative

Jim and Heather Scott have formed a Registered Charity to hlep the people of Haiti battle back from the ravages of the tornado that nearly destroyed their island. They are requesting the help of approximately 550 volunteers to assist in packaging 100,000 military style meals that will be boxed and shipped to Haiti for distribution to the starving.

Volunteers are needed on Saturday, June 27th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at 4505 Rhodes Drive in Windsor (Ground Effects main office). There will be on site parking and activities will be outside, weather permitting, or in the plant in the event of rain. Lunch will be provided. Pre-teens (11 or 12) can be utilized and High School students will be issued letters from Enable Haiti towards their required Community Service Hours for the day.

The Scott team have made several trips to this devastated area to deliver food and many other essentials.  The conditions and starvations that they have witnessed defies description.

Local media have been invited.  Please sign up and bring family and friends. It will be a fun and rewarding day. Please contact John McNaughton at or at 519-979-1790.

Letter To The Editor

Len Dupuis wrote a letter to the editor of the Windsor Star and it Appeared in the paper on Thursday, September 18th.  Here are the contents below. It is great to have such a wonderful supporter of our WECSSO baseball league in Len.  Thanks.

Aug. 28, we had the pleasure of having Kelly Steele come out to the Ciociaro Club to witness Windsor and area’s “young” senior slow-pitch league in action.

Upon arriving, she greeted us and made us feel relaxed. She is such a pleasure and all the players, especially our most senior members, enjoyed the interviews she conducted.

These interviews were posted in The Windsor Star on Sept. 11 in her column. These can still be viewed at and search “a league of their own.”

Some players are in their 80s like Jack Westlake and still playing strong, as he has his whole life.

It was truly wonderful to give these gentlemen a little recognition and show others you can stay strong and active in our so-called golden years.

Have to say, Kelly is a very good sport. She took batting practice with us “kids” and found out that hitting the slow-pitch, which looks so easy, is a challenge.

We all shared laughs. It was a highlight of our season.

The Windsor Star has a very special reporter who makes it easy for the story to come out and makes people relaxed. Again, a heartfelt thank you. It made a lot of seniors feel very special.

If there are any males or females 54 and over who wish to join our group, please check us out at

A League of Their Own

WECSSO made the news again. Kelly Steele visited the Ciociaro Softball Complex on August 28th and interviewed some of our long time members.  As well, she took a few swings with the bat to see how she could to.  Her article appeared in the Windsor Star on September 11th.  Click to see the article.

Pavillion Patronage


If the WECSSO league players don’t make a better effort to avail themselves of the pavilion amenities after league play, then the pavilion isn’t going to stay open for us. The prices are very reasonable, and the barbequed food is good. If we don’t make it worth Matt and Megan’s time, there’s no reason for them to open the pavilion. They have plenty of other time consuming things that need to be done at the park, on a daily basis. They receive no money or help from the Ciciaro Club. All the upkeep costs come out of the monies that Matt and Megan bring into the facility by what ever means they can.
I’ve heard all kinds of excuses why players don’t stay. Some are very valid , but some are not. Guys, going somewhere else to eat or drink or both is a poor one. Even if you have 1 pop, or 1 beer, it would make the Janisse’s time and effort worth while. WECSSO ball isn’t just about the playing. It should also be about the getting together after the games and socializing. I’ve seen too many guys make a bee-line for the parking lot after each game, and I don’t believe this helps make for a better league in the end. I have seen and felt a lot of good things from the people who do stay. I would just like to see more people participate. You don’t have to stay for hours if you don’t want to. I would hate to see a good opportunity go down the tubes.

Thanks, Rick

Slo-Pitch Picture Galleries

We have recently uploaded several picture galleries.  Thank you to Phil Ochs for taking both team pictures and candid shots during the Championship games.  If you are interested in purchasing copies of the original pictures, email Phil at  For only $6.00, you would be able to get an 8 X 10 copy.  Check out the photo gallery link above.