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President Brian Adlam 519-735-5438
Past President Bob Parent 519-735-3373
V.P./Commissioner Rick Anderson 519-734-0173
Secretary Don Balkwill 519-995-8968
Treasurer/Registrar Bill Magone 519-996-9365
Red Convener Tom McNorton 519-792-7943
Blue Convener Chris Brennan   519-733-3606
Green Convener Mike Graham 519-944-4033
Scheduler Don Balkwill 519-995-8968
Umpire-In-Chief Barbara Sanders 519-816-4708
Bingo Coordinator Ron Ottogalli 519-944-5635
Uniform Manager Tom Bois 519-735-3922
Social Director  Jack Bump 519-999-7958
Director Neil McKnight 519-995-4203
Director Tony D’Andrea 226-347-0184
Director Dan Leithead 519-726-5126