2018/2019 Indoor Rosters

Download here: 2018-2019 Indoor Rosters

Rick Anderson Gary Galli Mike Palenchar Kevin Seville
 Terry Johnston Dale Renaud Gord Beaudoin Gary Shaw
 Ron Ottogalli Brian Schauer Roger White Stu McPherson
Tony D’Andrea  Roger Tofflemire Bill White Rick Chittle
Jeff Creighton Ed Grondin Butch Maisonneuve Tom McNorton
Larry Renaud Ed Laliberty John Carpenter John Goz
Bud Renaud Mike Hamlin Al Timmins Dick Kennedy
Dennis Renaud Luigi Conte Ted Griffith Doug Nantais
John Crispo Brian Meloche Keith Thibert Dave Smith
Ken Drew Roger Moulder Paul Laidlaw Rob Garrison
Tim Bondy Al Garant Chris Brennan Ray Beneteau


Indoor Rosters 2017/2018

Indoor Roster (to print)

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Rick Anderson – Mgr. Mike Palenchar – Mgr. Gary Galli – Mgr. Gary Shaw – Mgr.
Terry Johnston Scott Penny Brian Schauer Rick Chittle
Ken Drew Butch Maisonneuve Ted Griffith Stu McPherson
Tony D’Andrea Keith Thibert Jim White Dick Kennedy
Ed Grondin Roger Tofflemire Roger White Richie Wong
Al Timmins (N) Ray Beneteau Ed Laliberty Joe Diesbourg
Paul Laidlaw Gerry Laliberty Roger Moulder Ray Morand
Mike Hamlin John Carpenter John Crispo (N) Doug Nantais
Ron Ottogalli (IR) Brian Adlam (IR) Dale Renaud (IR) Don Turner
Mike Patterson Dennis Renaud John Goz Ken St. Amour
John Rudick Pat Dool

Indoor Slo-Pitch 2017/2018

Indoor baseball starts on November 14th.  Registration form can be found on the WECSSO website.  Games are at the Noveletto Center(next to Mic Mac Park).  Games are played on Tuesdays either at 9:30am or 11am.  Cost is $135.00 for 21 weeks-games are 1.5 hours in length.  Deadline to register is November 8th.  All players are invited to play.
Ron Ottogalli

Indoor Rosters 2016/2017


Rick Anderson( C) Gary Shaw ( C ) Gary Galli ( C ) MikePalenchar ( C )
Ron Ottogalli   Stu McPherson  Roger Moulder(c) John Rudak
Ken Drew  Brian  Schauer Butch Maisonneuve  John Goz(IR)
Al  Shearn  Rick Chittle Pat Dool  John Carpenter
Brian Adlam  Kevin Sevill  Tony D’Andrea Roger Tofflemire
Mike Hamlin  Ed Laliberty Doug Nantais  David Hann
Paul Laidlaw  Gerry Laliberty Art Highly Dick Kennedy
Terry Johnston Bud Renaud Joe Varacalli Steve Javoriwsky
Lou Lafontaine Ted Griffith Don Turner  Ray Beneteau
 Chris Brennan(?)
 Dennis Renaud

Indoor Winter Slo-Pitch 2016/2017

WECSS0 is once again planning to have an indoor slo-pitch league at the Noveletto Center from Novemeber to March. This is a total of 21 weeks. Games are 1.5 hrs in length on Tuesdays only from 9:30am – 11:00am or 11:00 am – 12:30pm
Cost for WECSSO members is $135.00, non members $160.00
If you are interested please see Ron Ottogalli at the diamonds or e-mail him at: ronottogalli@yahoo.ca

Rosters for Indoor Slo-Pitch 2015/2016

Team  Anderson  Team Marinacci Team Shaw Team  Palenchar
Rick Anderson  Hector  Marinacci Gary  Shaw Mike Palenchar
Ron Ottogalli John Goz  Stu McPherson  Chris  Brennan
Ken Drew  Sal Quaglia  Ken St. Amour John Carpenter
Doug Nantais Ted Griffith  Roger Tofflemire Ed Laliberty
Bud Renaud  Lou Lafontaine  Gerry LeHoux Gerry Laliberty
Ray Morand Brian Adlam   Rick Chittle Dick Kennedy
Kevin Sivell   Ed Grondin  Roger Moulder Gary Galli
Terry Johnston  Ray Beneteau Ray Hicks  Joe Shaheen
 Joe Diesbourg  Tom Awad  Emile Theriault  Mike Hamlin
 Bill Magone  Don Turner  Bob Teron  Allen Shearn