WECSSO Health Questionaire

In order to participate each week in indoor ball games, you must check the questionnaire below. You must to be able to answer NO to each of the questions in order to participate. You will be asked to sign that you have answered NO to all the questions when you arrive at the complex.

WECSSO Health Questionnaire

COVID 19 Precautions and Guidelines

  1.  Masks must be worn at all times.
  2. Before coming to the complex each day, go over the COVID questionnaire, found on the WECSSO website, to make sure you are “good to go” that day. Upon arrival you will be required to sign a form indicating that you have answered all the questions in the questionnaire are okay to play that day.
  3. If you do not have your own bat (recommended) please bring Lysol wipes or equivalent to wipe down the handle before use.
  4. Bring your own sanitizer for personal use during the game.
  5. Try to keep a physical distance as much as possible.

Rules for Indoor Slo-Pitch

  1. Force play at all bases
  2. Pitch count 1-1-allowed one foul ball on 3rd strike
  3. Maximum runs per inning 5
  4. Ball hits net in fair-lands in foul territory-FAIR BALL
  5. Ball hits net in foul- lands in fair territory–FOUL BALL
  6. Runner cannot be thrown out at first on hit to the outfield
  7. Runners can run through the base
  8. Once ball goes through “field of play” advance one base only
  9. Fair ball that goes into the hall area–double
  10. Fair ball that hits halfway up back wall-Home Run
  11. With approximately 20 minutes left in game and each team has batted same number of times–play three outs
  12. Courtesy runner allowed for “injured” player
  13. Only bats approved by WECSSO may be used–must have thumb print- if on banned list–cannot use
  14. Umpire decisions are final and binding
  15. WECSSO Code of Conduct applies to indoor as well
  16. No standings are kept–scores are kept for “bragging” rights– winning takes a back seat to having FUN, FUN, FUN!

2019/2020 Indoor Slo-Pitch Rosters

Printable Rosters in pdf format: Indoor-Roster-2019-2020

Team 1 – Gladiators Team Two – Leisures Team Three – Seniors Team Four – Antiques
Ron Ottogalli Gary Galli Mike Palenchar Tony D’Andrea
Fred Hussey Dale Renaud Butch Maisonville Gary Shaw
Larry Renaud Brian Schauer Jim White Rick Chittle
Tim Bondy Roger Tofflemire Roger White Stu McPherson
Mike Hamlin Ed Laliberty John Carpenter Dick Kennedy
Ken Drew Bud Renaud Al Timmins Dave Smith
Keith Thibert Brian Meloche Ted Griffith Dan Dool
Lou Lafontaine Roger Moulder Larry Pukay Pat Dool
Kim Anber Al Garant John Crispo Randy Dragomir
Dave Morand Barbara Sanders Mike Patterson Paul Laidlaw
Doug Nantais John Goertzen Brian Adlam Gord Beaudoin


2018/2019 Indoor Rosters

Download here: 2018-2019 Indoor Rosters

Rick Anderson Gary Galli Mike Palenchar Kevin Seville
 Terry Johnston Dale Renaud Gord Beaudoin Gary Shaw
 Ron Ottogalli Brian Schauer Roger White Stu McPherson
Tony D’Andrea  Roger Tofflemire Bill White Rick Chittle
Jeff Creighton Ed Grondin Butch Maisonneuve Tom McNorton
Larry Renaud Ed Laliberty John Carpenter John Goz
Bud Renaud Mike Hamlin Al Timmins Dick Kennedy
Dennis Renaud Luigi Conte Ted Griffith Doug Nantais
John Crispo Brian Meloche Keith Thibert Dave Smith
Ken Drew Roger Moulder Paul Laidlaw Rob Garrison
Tim Bondy Al Garant Chris Brennan Ray Beneteau


Indoor Rosters 2017/2018

Indoor Roster (to print)

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Rick Anderson – Mgr. Mike Palenchar – Mgr. Gary Galli – Mgr. Gary Shaw – Mgr.
Terry Johnston Scott Penny Brian Schauer Rick Chittle
Ken Drew Butch Maisonneuve Ted Griffith Stu McPherson
Tony D’Andrea Keith Thibert Jim White Dick Kennedy
Ed Grondin Roger Tofflemire Roger White Richie Wong
Al Timmins (N) Ray Beneteau Ed Laliberty Joe Diesbourg
Paul Laidlaw Gerry Laliberty Roger Moulder Ray Morand
Mike Hamlin John Carpenter John Crispo (N) Doug Nantais
Ron Ottogalli (IR) Brian Adlam (IR) Dale Renaud (IR) Don Turner
Mike Patterson Dennis Renaud John Goz Ken St. Amour
John Rudick Pat Dool