Pavillion Patronage


If the WECSSO league players don’t make a better effort to avail themselves of the pavilion amenities after league play, then the pavilion isn’t going to stay open for us. The prices are very reasonable, and the barbequed food is good. If we don’t make it worth Matt and Megan’s time, there’s no reason for them to open the pavilion. They have plenty of other time consuming things that need to be done at the park, on a daily basis. They receive no money or help from the Ciciaro Club. All the upkeep costs come out of the monies that Matt and Megan bring into the facility by what ever means they can.
I’ve heard all kinds of excuses why players don’t stay. Some are very valid , but some are not. Guys, going somewhere else to eat or drink or both is a poor one. Even if you have 1 pop, or 1 beer, it would make the Janisse’s time and effort worth while. WECSSO ball isn’t just about the playing. It should also be about the getting together after the games and socializing. I’ve seen too many guys make a bee-line for the parking lot after each game, and I don’t believe this helps make for a better league in the end. I have seen and felt a lot of good things from the people who do stay. I would just like to see more people participate. You don’t have to stay for hours if you don’t want to. I would hate to see a good opportunity go down the tubes.

Thanks, Rick