Fall 2012

As we wind down our summer activities we look back and see if the season was successful. I believe the Slow Pitch league was very successful in having a minimal number of issues that arose. The weather was a little uncooperative in having 36 rainouts. There is one thing I would like to mention is the storing of our Slow Pitch equipment during the off season and during the ball season it has been suggested that we purchase a small cube trailer and leave it at the park, the managers would not have to store it in their vehicles. We do have permission to park the trailer at the rear of the pavilion. If anyone knows of a used trailer that we could purchase please let me know. At the present time Bernie Decaire is our First Aid person. Bernie cannot be at all the games during the season; so if there is someone who would like to work with Bernie in this important activity please let me know. If some of you are wondering we are remaining at the Ciociaro Club for the 2013 season.

The Pickle Ball group are continually adding members; the Pickle Ball game is expanding all over the city with great interest. Our own senior Pickle Ball players made us proud with all the medals won at the past Ontario tournaments. Congratulations to all the participants.

We experienced and will experience in the future deaths among our fellow members we started something that I and many other members think is very thoughtful and meaningful. A number of ballplayers assembled to form an honour guard at the burial service for Bob Wilhelm; it was well received by the family and friends of Bob. Bernie Decaire was instrumental  in organizing the event. If anyone is interested in helping Bernie in this very fulfilling endeavour please let us know, we would like to do this for all of our deceased WECSSO members.

At our annual WECSSO meeting held at the Serbian Center Two amendments where brought forward; one was defeated and the other carried. The one that was carried will see a change on how we select the Slo Pitch Executive. It will be by vote and not by being appointed. It will be similar to the method we use for the WECSSO Executive. We will accept nominations and if the individual is willing to run for the executive they will be placed on the ballot. There will be 10 people elected; 5 will be elected for 2 years and 5 elected for 1 year. In the future our vote will be held at our annual WECSSO meeting held in October but for this upcoming year WECSSO Slo Pitch membership is having a meeting in order to elect a Slo Pitch executive for the upcoming year. It is very important that we have a good attendance to show support for the individuals who are willing to accept the responsibilities of the program, (they are available from our Secretary Ron Ottogalli or Myself.) Our present Slo Pitch executive who were appointed; have done an exceptional job in organizing, improving and operating the program and I am hoping that they will submit their name to run for the Slo Pitch executive. Until you hear from me in the next newsletter.

“Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t, give yourself reasons why you can.”