WESSCO Bowling Report


8th Annual Charity Bowling Fundraiser, July 13, 2012

      U N B E L I E V A B L E

This Year we raised a total of $8400.00. Included in this total was $550.00 in donations and $1800.00 raised thru two raffles held with the Wednesday Morning Seniors Bowling League. Our grand total for the 8 years is now $43229.00.

The success of the event is only possible with the generous support from our Sponsors, Committee Members and YOU the Bowlers.


On behalf of Tom and myself we want to thank all of our “working committee” for a job well done.

The committee consisted of Betty Cheswick, Len Campbell, Nicki and George Brooks, Earl Sisson, Brian Adlam, Marg Cartier, Wayne Henderson, Vern Meloche, Geoff McKay, Marie Martin and Brenda Bois.

Also several other people offered to give up bowling in order to help, but although we did not require their help we certainly do appreciate their offer.  All of the committee members solicited and in most cases bought door prizes to donate as well as worked the 2 raffles and purchased tickets,“ What a Group”. Thanks on behalf of Tom and myself.

Part of our fundraising came from two outstanding donations. Landmark Engineering Inc. gave $300.00, thank you Dan Krutsch. Also Platinum Tool Technologies once again was a major contributor.

Pictured below is Randy Soulliere, owner and General Manager of Platinum Tool and Engineering presenting Marg Cartier with a donation of $250.00.

Special thanks, goes out to Wayne Weatherbie of Rev’s Bowlero for helping out and donating prizes and to Gary Hooper for making all the changes with the bowling assignments. Also thank you to Dan Batson of the Moose Lodge, not only has he kept his costs “LOW” for us; Dan donated door prizes (8) plus he paid for the committee’s dinners and bought us all a drink. Dan knows the work involved in fundraising, the committee says, “thank you Dan.” Another thank you goes out to Mark at Zehr’s Photo Lab for the donation of Printing the Pictures for us.

We had a special presentation for one of our fellow “Left Handers”, Max Krutsch. Pictured is Pat Berglund giving Max a bowling pin representing his 7 pins he claims he leaves.  Also Max received a plaque showing his two 300 Games. His last one when he was 74 years young with a 3 game total of 786. Not too bad for a senior. It was a surprise and we got a tear or two from him. Some said it could not be done. Thanks Mary and Sue Krutsch for making the presentation possible.

The WECSSO Charity Committee chaired by Brian Adlam, announced which organizations are receiving a donation from the fundraising efforts. All of these groups are from Windsor and Essex County and are Youth Oriented, support Youth activities and support Special Needs Programs; which meets the mandates set out by WECSSO.  After much consideration the donations are going to the following:

  • Knobby’s Kids – $1000.00
  • Windsor Police Community Services Branch – $1100.00
  • Kid’s Alliance – $1100.00
  • Optimist Club of Forest Glade – $1000.00
  • Windsor Special Stars Soccer – $1000.00
  • STAG – Sandwich Teen Action Group – $700.00
  • Forest Glade Baseball – $700.00
  • Windsor Essex Broomball – $700.00
  • Riverside Floor Hockey – $600.00
  • Windsor Essex Therapeutic Riding – $500.00

WECSSO also provides funding for a foster child program. Thanks Brian and your committee, well done.

That’s why we work 6 months raising funds for this Charity Event. Every penny is awarded to a needy organization to help out our YOUTH.

We have several people and Companies to thank for their generous Donations.

  • McKay’s TV – Geoff McKay
  • CKLW – Mike Kakuk
  • CAW Local 240 – Len Campbell
  • Giant Tiger – Jim Hassay
  • Tecumseh Golf – Blake Lucas
  • LCBO – Rick Fecteau
  • State Farm Ins – Glenn Bondy
  • REV’s Rose Bowl – Troy Martin
  • BackRoad Café – Len Campbell
  • WECSSO – Bob Parent
  • S.T.A.G – Red Wilson
  • CAW 444 – Mike Wark
  • CDN Auto Store – Wayne Henderson
  • W.F.S. – Jerry Slavik
  • CAW Local 200 – Jim Mitchell
  • Meridian – Rolonda Taib
  • W.F.C.U – Lynsey Millman
  •  Game Gear – Diana Giorgi
  • Metro Huron Line – Linda Peters
  • PEPSI – Brian Neels
  • Moose Lodge – Dan Batson
  • Mayor’s Office – Paul Carter
  • REV’s Bowlero – Wayne Weatherbie
  • Ceasars Windsor – Debbie Lamkie
  • Electrozad – Mike Jeffrey
  • Zehr’s Lauzon Rd – Christine
  • Caboto Club – Ron Moro
  • Landmark Eng. Inc. – Dan Krutsch
  • Platinum Tool Tech – Dan and Randy
  • MCCCU – Becky Langlois
  • MCCCU – Rob Griffith
  • CAA – Patty Brown
  • TD Waterhouse – Victor Chan
  • Provincial Chrysler – Rob Shaw
  • Horse Shoe Battery – Len Kabol
  • Metro Central/ Tec – Jim Beaugrand
  • Rose City Ford – Mark Scaddan
  • Tom O’Brien Realty – Tom O’Brien
  • Ken Knapp Ford – Chris Babkirk
  • Forest Glade B/ball – Brian Adlam
  • Opt Club of Forest Glade – Tom Bois
  • Ives Ins Essex Ont – Jerry Ives, Loriet Gale
  • Family First Funeral Home – Brian and Mary Lynn Parent
  • Brook’s Photo – George and Nicki Brooks

Listed below are a group of supporters who in some cases donated their entry fees, door prizes or made cash donations: Ron Ottogalli, Pat Berglund, Debbie Aqwa, Ron Beaudet, Earl Sisson, Lou Dupuis. Tom Bois, Marg Cartier, Betty Cheswick, Larry Burgess, Nick Stein, Pennie Delaney, Brian McDonald, John Strahl, Len Campbell. Vic Radovich, Rick Fecteau, Wayne Henderson, Nick Carosella, Bud Malyon, Verg Verzosa, George and Nicki Brooks, Tessie Verzosa, Don and Rose Thomson, Leo Drouillard, Bernie Renaud, Paul Kranacher, Ken Greenwood, Richard McCloskey, Steve Gates, Tom Kulik, Denny Mulholland, Paul Hickmott, Mark Meloche, Sandi McDonald.

As we wrapped the raffles we held what we call a 50/50 draw, with total intake of $1150.00, so we made a management decision to have 3 draws instead of one, to spread out the proceeds. The winners were:

1st Prize – Barb Munro – $300
2nd Prize – Mirko Kolic – $200
3rdPrize Pennie Delaney $100