Summer 2013

I would like to start by thanking all those who have taken leadership positions in the WECSSO organization for their endless help and dedication in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for us seniors to play in a sporting activity. Many meetings have taken place by the Slow Pitch Executive in order to maintain and improve the league. The main topic this spring was to recruit more ballplayers in order to have six teams in each division. An advertising campaign was held this spring that encompassed advertising in every paper in Essex County and Windsor area. We have yet to determine if it was a success, in order to do that we are asking all the new ball players how they found out about our league, so all you new players will be asked how you found out about our league. Please cooperate with the request so we can evaluate the advertising blitz. Indoor Slow Pitch had a tremendous season with the updated facility at the Novelletto center. The players played under almost identical facilities as an outdoor park, the lighting has improved along with the size of the playing field. The only problem with the better playing conditions is the cost of playing. The cost of playing is being raised so the Indoor group is looking at a way to adjust the payment scale for the players and the Organization.

The Pickle Ball group is expanding at a tremendous rate as the sport is growing in all age groups. Our senior group is the reason the sport is becoming so popular by the organizing of the league at the Riverside Minor Baseball facility. They have two levels of play so everyone who wishes to play will have an opportunity to do so. The advanced level made us proud by winning so many medals at the latest competition in London. It is great when a new Pickle Ball player approaches me and lets me know how much they are enjoying the sport. The Pickle Ball executive need to be thanked for their dedication and for the contribution they are making for Senior Sports.

Along with the excitement of playing and enjoying sports comes the sadness when some of our members pass away. We are experiencing this year an increase in the number of members who have passed away. The number at this time is 8. The list is on the Website for your information. We are trying to organize an honour group to attend funerals and honour our deceased members with an honour guard. We tried it at a couple of funeral events and it went over very well. The family and friends of the deceased thanked us for the show of kindness and thoughtfulness. In order to do this for our members we need to set up a committee to look after it, so please let me know if you are interested.

On a last note; WECSSO has purchase a trailer to store our equipment at the park and during the off season. It is a used trailer but should be adequate for our circumstances. This will allow managers to store their equipment at the park and not have to carry them with them. We need help in making it adequate for our purposes so if anyone of you are able to help let me know and maybe we can have it at the park sooner than later.