Rules for Indoor Slo-Pitch

  1. Force play at all bases
  2. Pitch count 1-1-allowed one foul ball on 3rd strike
  3. Maximum runs per inning 5
  4. Ball hits net in fair-lands in foul territory-FAIR BALL
  5. Ball hits net in foul- lands in fair territory–FOUL BALL
  6. Runner cannot be thrown out at first on hit to the outfield
  7. Runners can run through the base
  8. Once ball goes through “field of play” advance one base only
  9. Fair ball that goes into the hall area–double
  10. Fair ball that hits halfway up back wall-Home Run
  11. With approximately 20 minutes left in game and each team has batted same number of times–play three outs
  12. Courtesy runner allowed for “injured” player
  13. Only bats approved by WECSSO may be used–must have thumb print- if on banned list–cannot use
  14. Umpire decisions are final and binding
  15. WECSSO Code of Conduct applies to indoor as well
  16. No standings are kept–scores are kept for “bragging” rights– winning takes a back seat to having FUN, FUN, FUN!