Red Division Team Pictures

The Cavemen

Brian Jette, Roger Tofflemire, Jim Bondy, Sal Qauglia, Dick Kennedy, Lou Lafontaine(mgr.), Wes Stott, Dave Lafontaine, Bernie Decaire(asst. mgr.)

Absent: John Cecile, Dave Haesler, Pat Dool, Dave Baribeau

The Leisures

 Front row: Gerry Laliberty, Mike Dimiao, Larry Timbers, Eddie Laliberty, Mario Quaglia

Back row: Tim Bondy, Dale Renaud, Gary Galli (manager), Brian Meloche, Bob Hind (asst. manager), Brian Doan

Absent: Al Timmins, Roy Oke

The Dinosaurs

Front row: Jim White, Bud Renaud, Roger Denboer, Ron Ottogalli (manager)

Back row: John Crispo, Tony D’Andrea, Larry Renaud, Dennis Renaud, Rick Anderson (asst. manager), Mark Gelinas, Terry Johnston, Brian Schauer

Absent: Ken Drew, Dan Maguire

The Vikings

No Picture Available

Tom McNorton (manager), Bob Martyniak (Ass’t Mgr.), Gerry Martyniak, John Sheremeta,  Don Turner, Kerry Marshall, Ray Beneteau, Paul Kubinec, Ted Griffith, Ken Chisholm, Gary Beach, Don Birrell, Kevin Seville, Mike Hamlin.