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Week of September 14th – 18th
Monday, September 14th
Once the teams were made up at the beginning of the season, most players thought that the Vikings would be the team to beat.  They might have been right.  The Vikings defeated the Leisures 18-3 to advance to the A division finals on September 21st.  The Vikings played well defensively and hit the ball with authority.  The Leisures, on the other hand, played their worst game offensively and defensively in quite awhile.  As a result, the Leisures must play the Dinosaurs on Wednesday.  The winner advances to play the Vikings.
Although the Dinosaurs were 1-5 during the round robin games, they came up with a big game to defeat the Cavemen (3-3) .  During the season, the Dinosaurs had a thirteen game winning streak but since then had a hard time putting consecutive wins together.  Today’s game may be the lift they needed to get their confidence back.
The game on Wednesday pits “Mad Man” Geoff McKay against the that ” Bumper Guy” (as my family referred to him every time he called and left a message).
Wednesday, September 16th
The Leisures defeated the Dinosaurs 12 – 7 in a hard fought game.  The Leisures played  very well defensively and offensively.  In particular, the outfield play was very good.  In order to win Monday’s final, the Leisures need to have the same effort against a very good Viking team.  The Vikings have a very potent lineup and the team playing them must come up with a strong effort in order to win.
Wednesday, September 9th
Cavemen (3-3) defeated the Leisures (4-2) 10-8.  Well played and competitive game.
Vikings (4-2) beat the Dinosaurs (1-5)  The  Dinosaurs have fallen on hard times as of late.
The real season begins on Monday. Past records mean absolutely nothing.  The team that combines good defense with timely hitting will probably come away the victor.  The team that wins their last game will be crowned the champion for the 2015 season.  As a side note, I have been told by a reliable source(I cannot tell you who it is but his initials are Gary Galli) that Rob Garioch’s teams have been the champs for the past five seasons.  Will the Vikings extend Rob’s streak to six?
In Monday’s action Cavemen play the Dinosaurs with the loser calling it a season and the winner advancing to play another day.  The Leisures play the Vikings with the winner advancing to the finals on Monday Sep.t 21st and the loser getting a second chance to advance by playing the winner of Cavemen vs Dinosaurs on Wednesday.
Go Luck to All the Teams and remember IT IS JUST A GAME!!!!
Wednesday, September 2nd
The Leisures continued their winning ways today defeating the Dinosaurs 18-8.  It seems that the Leisures’ bats have come to life in the playoffs and their defense as well. On the other hand it appears that the Dinos are struggling with the bat and the gloves.  Since everyone goes to the semi-finals it is very important that no team gets too down on themselves.  As wel,l teams playing well have to remember that they should not get too complacent in their ways.
In the other game, the Vikings defeated the Cavemen 10-6 in a very close and competitive game.  It seems that the Vikings, like in their last game, scored a number of runs in the late innings to pull out the victory.  With the batters that the Vikings have, it seems that they are never out of the game until the final out.  They score runs in bunches and are always a threat until their final at bat.
Monday’s games will pit the Vikings(3-1) against the Leisures(3-1) and the Dinos(1-3) against the Cavemen(1-3)
Tom McNorton told me of a saying today with which I agree:
Sports not only DEVELOPS character but also REVEALS character
Monday, September 7th
The Leisures (4-1) defeated the Vikings (3-2) in a very competitive game, 14-11.  Both teams played very well and came up with timely hits.  After losing their first playoff game the Leisures have won four straight games, but now the games take on a different significance. The Leisures, as well as the other teams, are well aware of the playoff setup and what they must do to continue playing.
In the other game the Cavemen (2-3) defeated the Dinosaurs (1-4).  I received no report on this game except to say the Cavemen won.  The score was 13 – 9.
It seems that the games on Wednesday will have no effect on the playoff games beginning next Monday.  The Leisures (1) and the Vikings (2) will play in one game.  The winner goes on to the finals on Sept 21st.  The loser plays the winner of  3 vs 4 (The Cavemen VS The Dinosaurs) next Wednesday  Sept 16th.  The loser is out and the winner advances.
Playoff standings
Leisures      4-1
Vikings        3-2
Cavemen    2-3
Dinosaurs   1-4
If  the Vikings and the Cavemen finish with identical 3-3 records, the Vikings will be placed 2nd and the Cavemen 3rd due to the fact that the The Vikings defeated the Cavemen twice during the round robin.
Monday, August 31st
The Leisures(2-1) defeated the Cavemen(1-2) 9-4.  The Leisures came out hitting, scoring nine runs in the first four innings and were able to hold off the Cavemen.  Once again timely hitting and sound defense were the keys to the Leisures victory.  The Cavemen were down early in the game and fought back to make it interesting in the late innings.
In the other game the Vikings(2-1) defeated the Dinosaurs(1-2) by a score of 10-1.  This game was much closer than the score would indicate.  The Vikings held a narrow 2-1 league after six innings but erupted for 8 runs in the last three innings to earn the victory.  It seems that the Vikings had their hitting shoes on today and the Dinosaurs, once again, forgot theirs at home.  Maybe Jack Bump should call his players before next game and remind them to bring their hitting shoes to the game.  On second thought, maybe not since they play the Leisures next game.
Wednesday, August 26th
After suffering a tough loss to the Dinosaurs in their first playoff game, the  Leisures bounced back to defeat the Vikings 12-8.  During the regular season, the Vikings had their way with the Leisures. Today  would prove to be a different story.   The Leisures took the lead in the second inning and never looked back.  Once again, the Leisures stranded many runners but this time they were able to pull out the victory in spite of missing many scoring opportunities. The Vikings, once down 10-1, staged a comeback with timely hits and took advantage of some shoddy defense by the Leisures.  In the end, the Leisures prevailed to even their playoff record at 1-1.  The Vikings are also 1-1.
                                                                                                                                                In the other game, the Cavemen defeated the Dinosaurs 12-6.  After six innings, the score was knotted at six apiece.  The seventh inning proved to be the difference maker in this game.  In the top of the seventh, the Dinosaurs loaded the bases with none out.  Unfortunately the Dinosaurs were unable to score a run.  The Cavemen came back to score four runs to take and keep the lead. Failure to score in their half of the seventh seemed to deflate the Dinosaurs (no runs in the last two innings) and inspire the Cavemen as indicated by their 4 run seventh to take the lead for good.  Talking to the players after the game, it seems that  the sun played a key  role in the game. Batted balls balls were being lost “in the sun” by the players at key times.  This is a problem playing on diamond three but  both teams faced the same problem throughout the game.  Both teams stand at 1-1 in the playoffs.
                                                                                                                                               There is a tight race with all four teams at a 1 – 1 record. Who knows what next week will bring.
Monday, August 24th
The league leading Dinosaurs defeated the up start Leisures 10-9 in 11 innings.  The Dinosaurs rallied from a three run deficit in the 9th to send the game into extra innings.  The Dinos scored the last two runs with two out.  The key hit was delivered by Mike Wark.  I know what you are thinking-Mike who?  It even gets better.  In the 11th inning, Gary Galli, Mike’s brother-in-law, hit a double scoring Roy Oke, who had singled to start the inning, from first base with the winning run.  Gary had been held in check for most of the game but with the game on the line he delivered the key blow to enable the Dinosaurs to win in stunning fashion.  The defeat was a tough one for the Leisures who left a good number of runners on base in scoring position during the game. A few key hits might have resulted in a different outcome but credit must be given to the Dinos for a hard fought victory.
In the other playoff game, the Vikings defeated the Cavemen 16-10.  It looks like the Vikings are continuing where they left off during the regular season.
Wednesday’s action sees the Vikings(1-0) play the Dinosaurs(1-0)   and the Leisures(0-1) go against the Cavemen(0-1).
Monday, August 17th
The Cavemen continued their winning ways today defeating the Dinosaurs 21-20.  The Dinosaurs are limping into the playoffs, whereas the Cavemen are going full throttle.  The score would indicate that either the teams were hitting or they were making errors or a combination of both.  Probably the latter.
In the other game, the Leisures  faced the Vikings.  The Vikings seem to have the Leisures “number” and the result today was no different. However, unlike past meetings, the Leisures finally were competitive and kept the game close throughout.  The final score was 12-10 for the Vikings.  The Leisures, with a little luck, could have won the game but just came up a little short.  The Vikings used the long ball to their advantage.  Lou Lafontaine continued his hitting ways against the Leisures and Ken Chisolm contributed three hits.  Roger White also contributed three hits in the win.  Jeff Creighton also had his swing going today contributing a double and a triple on two long hits to the outfield.
Playoffs start Monday, August 24th.
Wednesday, August 12th
The Leisures swept a doubleheader from the Dinosaurs in two well played competitive games.  The Dinosaurs seem to be coming back to the pack and may need more of Bumper’s “magic potion” to get them back on their winning ways.  The Leisures, on the other hand, continue to be inconsistent from game to game with both their defense and offence.
In the other game, the Cavemen continued their winning ways defeating the Vikings.  A couple of critical errors by the Vikings aided the Cavemen in their hard fought victory.
Wednesday, August 5th
In today’s action the Vikings defeated the Leisures 9-6.  The Vikings scored three unanswered runs in the late innings to break a 6-6 tie.  Despite missing a few key players, the Leisures were able to keep the game close and with a little luck might have defeated their toughest opponent all season.  The Vikings seem to have the Leisures “number” and play their best against them.
In the other game, the Cavemen defeated the Dinosaurs.  After winning thirteen straight games, the Vikings are now on a four game losing streak.  The Cavemen, on the other hand, are playing much better ball lately and seem to be  peaking at the right time.
Playoffs start on the 24th of August.  Very important managers meeting on August 17th, rain or shine.  Playoffs will be the main agenda item to be discussed at this meeting.
Managers please remind your players of our remembrance day event on August 15th at 10am at Dieppe gardens. In the past,  very few A division players have attend this event  It is a  ceremony that pays tribute to WECSSO members who have passed away in the last year.

Wednesday, July 29th

The Vikings defeated the Dinosaurs today to extend the losing streak of the Vikings to three games.  The Vikings continued their hitting ways to extend their unbeaten streak.  The Vikings are now showing why they were the pre-season favorite to win the championship .  Vegas had them at 3-1 odds to win it all.  Rumour has it that the Dinos have asked Mike Wark to miss their next game – since he has returned to the lineup the Dinos have lost three straight games.
In the other game, the Leisures defeated the Cavemen in a very competitive game.  Jeff Creighton was the hitting star for the Leisures banging out four hits including a triple.  The Leisures opened up a big lead only to have the Cavemen tie it up at 11-11 with a couple of innings to play. However,  the Cavemen could not score after this and the Leisures added six runs to claim the victory.
Monday, July 27th
The Dinosaurs suffered their second straight defeat, this time at the hands of the Cavemen.  The Cavemen had been on a losing steak of their own but were able to soundly defeat the Dinos in today’s action.  Don Parks, who had been on the IR for quite a length of time, was in the lineup and his presence seem to spark the Cavemen to victory.  Have the Dinosaurs peaked too soon?  Are the Cavemen beginning to turn their season around?  Will Mike Wark ever see victory again?  Stay tuned!!
In other action, the Vikings, once again, trounced the Leisures to end the Leisures modest two game winning streak.  What is it that brings out the best in the Vikings when they play the Leisures?  Every player in their lineup seems to get hits and play sound defense when playing the Leisures.  On the other hand, the Leisures seem to come up flat against the Vikings, both in the field and at bat.  Whatever the reason, the Leisures will have to find a way to bring their A games when playing the Vikings in order to halt their losing ways against this team.
July 22nd
The thirteen game winning streak of the Dinosaurs has come to a halt.   The Leisures extended their modest winning steak to  two games.  The final score was 8-5.  Once again sound defense and timely hitting propelled the Leisures to their victory over the first place Dinosaurs.  The Dinosaurs took an early lead in the game but a four run inning by the Leisures was the key to victory.  The Dinos scored three runs in the 9th to make it interesting but they just fell short in the end. Not only was Gary Galli the losing pitcher but  he had a tough day at the plate in going hitless in three appearances.  On Monday Gary had a 5-5 performance and he was looking forward  to facing the Leisures, a team that he has had great success against this season.  This was not Gary’s day nor was it a day for the Dinos.  The streak was very impressive and the team should be proud of their success up to now.  Knowing the guys on this team, they will bounce right back and look to start a new streak on Monday against the Cavemen. On a non baseball note,  congratulations to Mike Wark on becoming a grandparent for the first time.  Like he told me at the banquet ” it took me 66 years to finally have a grandchild to brag about and spoil”(I added this).
In the other game, the Vikings defeated the Cavemen.  Unfortunately, the Cavemen are on a streak of their own- a losing streak.  Their task does not get any easier, since they will have to face the Dinosaurs on Monday.  The Dinosaurs will be looking to avenge their loss on Wednesday and get back in the win column.  The Vikings on Monday will try to put an end to the Leisures modest two game winning streak.  In their last meeting, the Vikings came out hitting and never stopped, pounding out a 24-7 win over the Leisures.

July 20th, 2015
The Dinosaurs continued their winning ways today manhandling the Vikings.  The Vikings, playing without two key players, were not able to match runs with the Dinosaurs.  At this stage of the season the Dinos are hitting the ball well and playing sound defensive baseball. Are they peaking too soon?  Time will tell. The other teams are going to have to come up with their “A” games to have a chance of beating the Dinos and stopping their formidable winning steak.  Next up for the Dinos-the red hot Leisures, who, under the guidance of Mad Man McKay, have won one in a row.  Can they make it two in a row on Wednesday or will the Dinosaurs end the streak at one? Rumour has it that Bumper is going to try and play this Wednesday.
In the other game today, the Leisures defeated the Cavemen 9-6.  The Leisures played sound defense and had timely hitting to get back into the win column after losing two last week.   Joe Stomp had another two key hits today for the Leisures to aid in the win.  After a season long hitting slump, has Joe found his hitting touch? The Cavemen made the game close with four runs in the 7th inning.  The Cavemen are playing without Don Parks. When he returns he should definitely help the Cavemen both at bat and in the field.
July 16th 2015
The Dinosaurs continued their winning ways defeating the Cavemen 14-8.  The Dinosaurs have now won 12 straight games to improve to a league leading 14-5.  Bump claims that the reason for their success is the fact that he brings out the best in his players  “If these guys played for another manager the results would be different”.  Probably the real reason is the fact that Jack is giving them some “drug” that so far has not been detected by the league in the urine sample of some of their players.  Whatever the reason Jack’s team is playing very well and seem nto be the team to beat at this stage of the season.
In the other game, the Vikings pounded the Leisures 24-7.  The Leisures seem to bring out the best in the teams-the Dinos scored 17 runs on Monday against them and today the Vikes scored 24.  The Vikings got hits from every player in the lineup from top to bottom.  The Leisures just simply did not have it today as the score would indicate.  On the positive side for the Leisure the Stomp man came out of his hitting slump and had three hits in a losing cause.  Mad man McKay had his second to hit game in a row.  Is Geoff finally coming out of his slump and getting pumped up for a strong finish?
Monday’s scheduled game between the Vikings and the Dinosaurs should be a very competitive game between two teams who can score runs with reckless abandon at times.  Will the Dino streak continue or will the Vikings do what no other team has done lately-beat the Dinos.
July 14th, 2015
The Dinosaurs(15-5) defeated the Leisures(8-12) 17-14  in a slugfest.  Both teams hit well with many timely hits.  Rob Hind and Roy Oke made several very good defensive plays which enabled the Dinos to win once again.  The Leisures put up a good battle but fell a little short  in their effort to break the Dinos impressive winning streak.
In the other game, the Vikings(9-10-1) defeated the Cavemen(9-10-1) 6-2.  Looks like the Vikings may be back on track.  The Cavemen need to find their hitting punch to break out of their slump.
July 9th, 2015
Player Movements:
Gerry Laliberty to the Dinosaurs-, Gerry is a Part time player and the Leisures had too many Part time players.
Tom McNorton to the Leisures.
Jim Bondy to the Vikings who have lost 1 A player and 1 A++ player, Jim will help them
Don Parks, presently on Injured Reserve will move to the Cavemen upon his return from the IR.
The red hot Dinosaurs meet the upstart Leisures on Monday. Will Bumper’s team continue their winning ways or will Mad Man McKay’s crew pull off the upset??????
Will the addition of Jim Bondy give a much needed spark for the Vikings in their game against the Cavemen????
Please remind your players of the appreciation banquet July 22 at Serbian Center 1:00 p.m. rain or shine.