Green Division Playoffs

The weather cooperate today, Monday, September 24th, with cooler temperatures and clouds to help make it a good day to play. Both teams showed good defense as the score after 5 innings was tied up at 5 . The Muskateers then showed that the bottom of the lineup could produce some runs. With 2 out and bases loaded they hit and hit and hit, scoring 3 runs . Each inning after that they added a few more runs to take a 7 run lead into the 9th. The Archaics scored a few but the defense was too much for them. The final score was Muskateers 18, Archaics 11.  Congratulations to the both of teams for a great game but the champions were not to be denied . Congratulations to John and his teammates for their win . They are the Green Division champs for 2018 . Thanks to the fans who came out to see the game and many thanks to the umpires and all the other players in the league . See you at the banquet October 16. Doors open at 3 30.

Thanks Dan and Mike

P.S. There were a lot of injured players this year and we hope they can all return next season, as it would make the division much better.

Dan Leithead, Mike Bertrand, Richard  Briffa, Don Hartleib, Gord Hillman, Dan Soulard,  Herbie Desjardins, Eduardo Gaudario, John Barron, Art Highley, George Brooks, Nick Spoila, Don Giles