Bingo Committee Request

Jim Bridge has decided to step down as the bingo co-ordinator.  He has held this position for many years.  He worked all the bingos for WECSSO.  He also did the scheduling and all the needed paper work.  This was a huge undertaking and our heartfelt thanks go to Jim for his efforts on behalf of WECSSO.  The league benefited greatly from Jim’s commitment.  Without bingo revenue, fees would be much higher.

Ron Ottogalli and Brian Adlam have stepped up to administer the bingos.  Ron will do the scheduling of workers and Brian will be the co-ordinator.  Ron and Brian have also agreed to work the bingos.

Players will be approached from time to time to help out when needed.   Their main job will be that of payout.  Selling books at the front counter is very difficult for inexperienced bingo workers.  As a result, Brian and Ron have changed their approach.  Instead of asking players to sell books, they will be using experienced bingo workers to perform the task of selling books.  Luckily, WECSSO has at least six workers available to work the bingos.  Hopefully we can get each bingo covered using these workers.  It is very important to the bingo hall that workers selling books are experienced and quick serving the customer.  We agree, thus the change in bingo recruitment.

A group of volunteers (no maximum number) willing to be called to work on payout, which only involves paying out wins for a given bingo. These members come in 1/2 hr before a bingo session starts and usually leave 1 hr earlier compared to a regular committee member. At times we have used 2 members if one can’t stay for the all the sessions. We are going to give each member that volunteers to work a session (2 hrs) a $20 honorarium.

If you are willing to be  a part of the regular Committee or willing to be included in the group of payout volunteers, please contact  Brian Adlam: 519-735-5438 or Ron Ottogalli   519-944-5635. We can’t emphasize this any more other than to say if we don’t get the volunteers, then we will have no bingos and thus most likely, no baseball.

Thank you for your consideration, The Bingo Committee